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I am Matea, the founder, blogger, and writer behind OLYRUN. I use my experience and knowledge to help everyone who loves running. I am an Olympian (Rio de Janeiro, 2016), a participant in numerous World and European championships, a lawyer, and a running enthusiast. For more than 14 years I have competed in track and field, road, cross country, and mountain races. I am the owner of U23 national records in 5000m (16:28.98) and 10000m (34:28.94), and U20 national record in 10000m (35:49.10).

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Warm-up Before Running

warm-up before running

Warm-up Before Running (Ultimate Guide)

Would you like to reduce the risk of injury while improving your running performance at the same time? This is the ultimate guide on warm-up before running.

Training Types

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