Training plan for 5K


Choose a training plan for 5K that will successfully prepare you for the next race and allow you to finish it at the goal time.

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What’s included in the training plan?


training plan

Train efficiently, without accumulating unnecessary miles

A structured training plan (in kilometers and miles) will prepare you for the upcoming race with the exact pace of each training session and lots of important tips.


Warm-up Exercises

Improve your running technique and reduce the risk of injury

These 6 running drills and 16 mobility and dynamic stretching exercises will improve your running technique and prepare you for any kind of workout.


Strength Workouts

Develop the strength you need to run faster and more efficiently

These 17 strength exercises, divided into 3 types of strength workouts, will build you the muscles needed for maintaining the correct running form for a longer period of time.


Race Strategy

Run at a predetermined pace to finish the race at the goal time

The race strategy will give you information on how fast you should run each part of the race to be able to avoid premature fatigue and finish the race in a goal time.


Pace Band

Don’t bother with constantly calculating splits during the race

Running at the planned pace is the most important factor for finishing the race in goal time. For an easy overview of the race strategy, use the pace bend.


Race Checklist

Avoid unnecessary stress and be ready for the race day

The race checklist will allow you to prepare everything you need before, during, and after the race so that you can focus without any problems on the race itself.



Frequently asked questions


How will I get this product after I purchase it?

This training plan is a digital product. Once payment is made, you will be redirected to a page where you can download the purchased training plan. Also, immediately after the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with purchasing details from which you will also be able to download the purchased training plan.


What is the format of this training plan?

This training plan is in pdf format, which contains everything you need to successfully prepare you for the next race and allow you to finish it at the goal time.


How long do I have access to the training plan?

After purchasing, you have unlimited access to the training plan.


Can I modify the training schedules?

Absolutely! The training plan explains in detail how to tailor training schedules to your daily needs.


What if I am unhappy with the training plan?

If you are not satisfied with the product, for any reason, contact me by e-mail: within 14 days of purchase and I will give you a full refund.


What if I have some additional questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question or want to know more, contact me by e-mail:

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